According to the World Health Organization, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. Surprisingly, one of the most overlooked tenets of wellness are meditation techniques. Besides a decrease in stress, and a boost in productivity, statistics show that people who meditate are overall healthier and happier.

With roots deep in India and South-east Asia, meditation has become a tool for the mind, much like the gym is for the body. It’s a time to reboot the brain, and refocus for clarity. Prominent businessman and politicians swear by it, and even corporate giants weave meditation techniques into the work week. Starts you to thinking, how can you get a little of that success?

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Meditation Tips for Mental Clarity

First, meditation is probably not what you think. It’s not a mystical yoga-intensive technique that combines humming with uncomfortable sitting positions. The art of meditation is re-focusing 100% of your attention to one area, and that can be easier said than done.

Many people start out trying meditation at some point during their lifetime, yet the number of people that actually stick with it for the long-term is relatively small. This is unfortunate, and it’s primarily because beginners of this art don’t start out with a mindset required for sustainability.

Our minds have been trained to go, go, go and stay on overtime, and we often find it challenging to go against what we’ve been taught. In many instances, we need to prepare ourselves for meditation, so here are five meditation tips just to get you ready;

Find your Special place. It is crucial to prepare an atmosphere for you to meditate. Do not use a room full of distractions, like where you watch television or work. It should be a place that’s inviting, with a meditative environment to inspire you to relax. This will become your sacred space for you to clear your mind.

Prepare Physically. Your spiritual journey takes place when your body is sufficiently prepared.

Start with a warm bath or shower. Select light, comfortable clothing that’s non-restrictive and allows for good stretching, and remove shoes because feet need a break too.

Embrace the Power of Music. Harmony helps create a meditative atmosphere. Soft tones that are peaceful and relaxing can help you concentrate.

Get a Good Stretch. A good stretch will loosen up your muscles and tendons, and allow you to meditate comfortably for a longer period of time.

Now that you’re properly prepared, here are 5 meditation tips to start you out slowly;

Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Light a candle and keep in sight to help you focus

You can sit or lie down. At some point, you may consider investing in a chair specifically for meditation.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breathes then simply breathe naturally.

Focus your attention how you are breathing and how the diaphragm moves in and out as you inhale and exhale. Concentrate all your attention on your breathing. If your mind begins to wander, simply look intently at the flame of the candle and bring your focus back and concentrate again on your breath. Ideally, you want to start off for 15 minutes each day.

Practice your meditation ritual and increase your time to 30 minutes, then an hour each day.

Amazingly, we tend to still find an excuse to not offer a workout to our brains. Too busy, too tired, and can’t find the time are the usual suspects, but there are still plenty of opportunities to meditate on the go.

Even when you can’t provide a full workout, short bursts of mental meditation will still work.

Meditate While Walking

While walking to pick up lunch, or walking the dog, or getting the mail, refocus all your attention to one item, like the morning birds, or the feel of the grass under your feet, or the vibrant color of changing leaves.

Meditate When You First Awake

When you awake in the morning, before you jump out of bed, and before you run to turn the coffee pot on, while lying in between the sheets, take a few deep breathes and a long stretch. This is the best time to meditate before you mind is set on ‘go’ again.

Lunchtime Meditation

Believe it or not, our bodies were never meant to sit at a computer for hours on end, without any other stimulation. Make your lunchtime more useful and get out of the office for at least 15 minutes. Tune out of the office environment and into yourself. Focus on the buildings, and the architecture, and the scenery.

Mother Nature Meditation

What others perceive as bad weather is really a great opportunity to clear your mind from distractions and stress. Listen to the rain or watch the snow falling. This type of soulful meditation fosters mindfulness, and allows us to focus on one thing while clearing the mind.

The most prevalent problem we all suffer from is a river of thoughts, without relief. The advantage of using meditation techniques is that when faced with overwhelming responsibilities and decision-making, we are not worrying, but keeping up with those strong currents.